Recommended reading for Liberal Democrat councillors and local campaigners in the last week. 


Political news this week has been dominated by the Labour Party conference, and in particular the election of their new Leader. The media made much of the fact that Ed Milliband didn’t receive the support of either Labour Party members or MPs. Take a look here on how your local Labour Party voted (also interestingly tells you their membership figures!!!) and here for how Labour MPs voted


Three interesting bits of media on Ed Miliband’s election and his speech. 

Guardian Columnists reaction on Ed Milliband’s Leaders Speech and for a bit of balance, The Telegraph “Ed Milliband will say anything if it means getting into Downing Street” and for a Liberal Democrat perspective, here’s Lib Dem Voice’s Stephen Tall’s first reactions:


Towards the end of last week was evaluation of our conference in the media, and you might like these items:

Decca Aitkenhead – Lib Dem Conference Welcome to the Party and Vince Cable is right: capitalism is neither good nor evil – just useful


In local government media we spotted: 

Councils ‘impose’ credit card fees for service payments (certainly worth a question in council?) and could this be the end of the Council Newspaper?


Finally, for a tale of a case of a standards issue gone wrong, see our report on what happened to one of Anglesey’s Lib Dem councillors.


Tim Pickstone

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