Some recommended reading for Liberal Democrat councillors and campaigners from the last week: 

TUC Conference normally precedes us in the Conference season, with much talk over concern over the savings that need to be made as a result of the last Labour Government…. Here’s the Guardian in Unions threaten mass strikes over spending cuts. For a view on what Tory voters might be reading, here’s the Telegraph editorial on The TUC still has its head in the sand. For a bit of common sense here’s the statement from our Vince

Two other ideas on spending: the Municipal Journal covers the report (from an RSA think-tank) on the increasing costs of an ageing population. Friends of the Earth report on their report showing that 70,000 new jobs could be created if local authorities sent more waste to be re-cycled

Internationally here’s the Guardian’s report on the EU Commission considering action on the “Roma Deportations France EU Disgrace”

Within the Party, we have seen the sad news that Ros Scott will not be re-standing as President of the Party – here’s her statement on “The time has come to pass on the baton“. Mark Pack comments on Lib Dem Voice on the Party’s strategy consultation at Federal Conference in “One Cheer One Boo” 

Finally, but of course not last in our thoughts, was the funeral this week of the great Liberal and Liberal Democrat champion Sir Cyril Smith. BBC Manchester had this report which includes a short video. 

Tim Pickstone

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