This week’s recommended reading for Liberal Democrat councillors and campaigners covers a range of different subjects and ideas:

Firstly, two contrasting stories on the Standards Board.  One is from the Standards Board itself explaining what it will be doing in what will (hopefully) be its final year of existence.  The other is the story of a Green Brighton & Hove City Councillor who has found himself reported for using internet footage of a council meeting – a story that exemplifies why so many councillors feel frustrated with the current standards regime.

From the specialist press we have news of the Home Builders Federation calling for a judicial review following the abolition of regional spatial strategies and some important changes for councils that currently deal with the challenge of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

One thing we’ve discovered this week is a useful website from the organisation Streets Alive.  The website provides useful tips for residents looking to bring the local community together by organising a street party as well as tips on how to organise them.  Particularly relevant to councillors, it also provides information on how councils can make it easier and cheaper for local residents to set them up.

One of the hot topics for councillors at the moment is Local Economic Partnerships and the Local Government Chronicle has a full rundown of the 56 bids across the country.

Finally, some good news from The Guardian who in yesterday’s editorial argued the case for the Alternative Vote, including the wonderful line “Mr Clegg spoke for progress; Mr Straw for reaction”.  Something Nick was able to repeat at this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

Cllr Anders Hanson

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