Recommended reading for Lib Dem councillors and local campaigners from the last seven days or so in the media: 


Aside from the Labour Leadership contest, the main political stories over the weekend focussed on:


– debate on the future of NHS Direct, and its replacement by the 111 number. Here’s how libdemvoice reported on the our minister Paul Burstow reassuring us that New 111 service will be better than NHS Direct. Here’s the original story in the Guardian


– Chief Secretary Danny Alexander’s statement on taxation. Here’s Danny’s interview in the Guardian; here’s a rather critical editorial from The Telegraph….


In the local Government specialist press a couple of stories which might be of interest, both from the Municipal Journal: Unison ups opposition to cuts following IFS report and Pickles vows to cut red tape for community events.


Not from the media, but of potential interest is comment from the Local Government blog of ConservativeHome on an idea for “Foundation Councils” – interesting to know what people are thinking!


Tim Pickstone

September 2010

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