There were six principal council elections held on the 23rd September. The Lib Dems made a gain from the Tories and the Tories made a gain from the Lib Dems. There were two holds each for both the Tories and Labour. In the one Town and Parish Council result reported to ALDC there was an Independent gain from Labour.
The Ipplepen by election on Teignbridge District Council was a great result for the Lib Dems. The campaign was intentionally very local and focussed on John’s record of campaigning. He ran a campaign on speeding in the village and reminded voters of the campaign he ran last year against the threatened closure of the local library.  Two good issues that got the vote out.


To add to the strong positive campaign messages we targeted the postal vote. We ran a postal vote recruitment campaign and then worked vigorously to get them out to vote  –  around 25% of those who voted, voted by post.  Our candidate led from the front knocking on every single door in the ward during the campaign. An example to every candidate. The Tories canvassed in gangs, we canvassed in small, less intimidating, pairs.

We lost a seat to the Tories in Gorsforth Valley, North East Derbyshire.

Labour held two seats in Gateshead, Lobley Hill and Bensham and Saltwell.

The Tories held the Wellington Ward in Rushmoor and Heathfield North and Central on Wealden District Council.

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