A great way to reach opinion-formers and possible supporters in your area is to submit letters to your local press.  We have produced the following template letters for sending to the local press by campaigners and supporters.  They have been designed to highlight each of our three key campaign messages for the summer:
1. The importance of fixing the economy so that we can build a fairer and more liberal Britain.
2. That the Liberal Democrats are making a real difference in Government.
3. How Labour have failed Britain and want to duck responsibility for their actions.
We recommend local campaign teams use these templates as starting points, editing and inserting local references and content where you see fit.  It is very important that we use every opportunity we can to make sure these three messages are heard by as many people as possible, and as often as possible.  Parts of these templates can also be used for artwork wording and web content.  The templates are available as MS Word files from the links below:Letter one: Fixing the Economy/Building More Liberal SocietyLetter two: Liberal Democrats Making a Difference in GovernmentLetter three: Labour’s Ducked Responsibilities

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