Some recommended reading for Lib Dem Councillors and local campaigners this week: 

It being the “silly season”, much of the press has been full of silly defection stories that we won’t bore you with here. 


More serious political coverage continues to focus on the imact of finanical savings. 

The Municipal Journal’s coverage included two articles: 

Council productivity lags far behind private sector, survey claims, and The axe comes to local quangos

Inside Housing magazine reports on the impact of the changes to grant to local authorities for traveller sites in: Home to Roost


In the last couple of days the big news has been about the IFS report of the impact of the budget. 

Here’s the Guardian report: Poor families bear brunt of coalition’s austerity drive, and here’s Lib Dem voice on the Party’s response. 


Finally some ideas from abroad: 

We were impressed by the Mayor of Minneapolis’s blog. He’s a Democrat who sounds like a Liberal Democrat and was apparently the first Mayor to back Obama when he stood for president.  The blog is at: 

In particular: Stopping youth violenceFixing potholes, and What they’ve done to improve the economy.

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