Some recommended reading for Lib Dem Councillors and local campaigners this week: 

Wednesday marked 100 days of the Coalition Government. Nick Clegg called the public to “Judge us on 5 years, not on 100 days” in a major interview in the Observer last Sunday. 100 days in The Observer’s sister paper The Guardian has us on a (fairly respectable) 18% in the polls. 

In Local Government the main news in the last week has been the abolition of the Audit Commission. The MJ/ reports here as Letter from Audit Commission, Michael O’Higgins to Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles. Lib Dem Audit Commission member (and ALDC Management Committee member) Cllr Chris White asks (in a personal capacity) “Who’ll watch the watchmen when the auditors are away”.

Also for councillors, a couple of interesting stories in the Municipal Journal last week – how Bristol City Council is leading the way on a green energy revolution, and how councils in Greater Manchester are seeking Government approval for a minimum alcohol price

Finally, more from the MJ/localgov on Councils clashing over the proposed Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPS).

Tim Pickstone, 18 August 2010

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