Autumn Federal Conference 2010 takes place in Liverpool, Saturday 18 – Wednesday 22 September 2010. If you’re not registered already and would like to go you can register here.

There are some great ALDC and local government fringe events planned – put them in your diary! 


ALDC Annual General Meeting and Campaigner Awards 2011

Saturday 18 September, 8.00pm, Liverpool Hilton Grace Suite 1, Drinks
Members are invited to the Annual General Meeting of the Association which is followed by

the presentation of the 2011 Campaigner Awards by Party President Baroness Ros Scott.




ALDC Members Reception in partnership with the Co-operative

Sunday 19 September, 1:00 pm, ACC Liverpool Hall 12

Join us at our annual members reception with Business Secretary Vince Cable MP and Party Deputy Leader Simon Hughes MP. Lunch and drinks: ALDC Members Only. 


LGA Group “Going local to secure a low carbon future” with Friends of the EarthSunday 19 September, 6.15pm Brittania 1, Albert Dock, Holiday Inn Express.


LGA Group – Local Government Receptiondetails (tbc)
Join the LGA Group at the main social gathering at Conference for everyone involved in local government.


Next Generation Reception and Launch, LG Leadership

Monday 20 September, 1.00 p.m., Liverpool Tate Auditorium Lunch and Drinks

Join our partners from LG Leadership to celebrate the launch of the 2010-2011 Next Generation Programme.

Elected Police Commissioners: Help or Hindrance?

Monday 20 September, 8.00pm, Liverpool Hilton Grace Suite 2, Drinks

Join Brian Paddick, Mike Crockart MP, Tom Brake MP, and Cllr Duwayne Brooks as we look at the different proposals for how local police forces should be democratically accountable and debate how the Police Reform and Social Reponsibility Bill could be improved.


Making Transport Localism a Reality in partnership with Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority (GMITA)

Tuesday 21 September 8.00pm, ACC Liverpool Hall 4a.  Drinks and food.

Join Norman Baker M.P, our minister at the Dept. of Transport, and Cllr Keith Whitmore, Vice-Chair GMITA, to discuss if Localism and the Big Society can be extended to transport – and how could that work? 


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