Here is a selection of leaflets and letters from the successful Radstock ward of Bath and North East Somerset District Council by-election with 40.1% of the vote.
As you can see there is a good mixture of leaflets and letters and good use of full colour and black and white leaflets along with the support of Don Foster MP and good use of VOX pops.
This artwork gives the message about the importance of voting Lib Dem as against Labour who have let us down and gives a positive message on why to vote for the local Liberal Democrat candidate who is fighting for you!
The campaign started with a survey and we liked the community clean up started with a letter then an action day, showing that Simon did care and was willing to take action.
Why we liked these leaflets
·    The campaign did really well at picking up on very local issues and the campaign worked really well by presenting our candidate as a fresh start for Radstock.
·    The leaflets included a very strong squeeze message. In a council dominated by the Conservatives, this ward was in fact a Labour/Independent seat, but with the Labour and the Independent pushing hard. The campaign pushed the fact that the Tory was from Bath and they were not serious and our candidate was local.
·    The campaign picked up on the fact that Radstock had been let down by Labour, and it was time for a ‘fresh start for Radstock’.
·    Prominent Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster who made several visits supported Simon Allen. This helped to give the campaign credibility and show that our candidate is part of the bigger Liberal Democrat team.
·    Many of the leaflets show Simon Allen with local residents and the MP, including one leaflet that has specific endorsements. These are useful in emphasising real support for the candidate rather than just other politicians and show that he is working with and listening to local residents and their concerns.






















you can download the leaflets and letters below

Radstock Focus A4 BW – PDF

Radstock residents survey – PDF

Radstock Focus Colour A4 – PDF

Community Clear-Up street Letter – Word

Radstock Focus A3 – PDF

Radstock LD letter – Word

Radstock Focus A3 colour – PDF

Radstock blue letter – Word

Radstock Eve of Poll – PDF

Radstock knock up 1 – PDF

Radstock knock up 2 – PDF

Radstock knock up 3 – PDF

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