Following the new that wheel clampers will be banned from operating on private land, here is a good example of a press release from the Liberal Democrats in Sheffield.


Local Liberal Democrats in Sheffield have welcomed the news that wheel clampers will be banned from operating on private land in Sheffield as part of moves to ban them across England and Wales.
The new legislation, to be introduced by the Coalition Government in November, will result in anyone clamping a vehicle or towing it away on private land facing tougher penalties.
The planned legislation, announced by the Home Office, will be introduced in the Government’s Freedom Bill in November and will come into force shortly after Royal Assent.
Cllr Paul Scriven, Liberal Democrat Leader of Sheffield City Council, said:
“All too often I have received requests for help from Sheffielders with tales of how they are being ripped off and bullied by these private parking companies. But because of the rules there was little that could be done. However, I’m delighted that this will change now that we have a Government who are willing to take the clampers on.
“For a long time this has been an unregulated racket operated mainly by unscrupulous cowboys, with some people making a lot of money from the misfortune of others. The ban on clampers can’t come soon enough.”
More than 2,000 existing clamping licences will be revoked as a result of the Freedom Bill, with towing away also set to be outlawed. Only police or councils will be allowed to immobilise or remove a car in exceptional circumstances, such as a vehicle blocking a road.
Paul added: “Because we have ensured that the Council has a policy of not using clamping, Sheffield will become a clamp free zone once these new laws put forward by the Coalition Government come into force.”

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