GOOD LUCK from all of us at ALDC for Thursday 6th May 2010. 

ALDC will be open for emergency calls on polling day 01422 843 785 up to 5.15pm. We will be open again at 11.00am on Friday 7th 2010. 

Outside office hours if you need urgent advice please contact us via the website here.  

Just to let you know that on FRIDAY during the day we will be running a results service for the local elections. I suspect there might be “bigger news” nationally – but we’re still interested in what happens in the local elections as well!

The results will be online here.

During the day / early evening please phone ALDC when your local elections count is finished – 01422 843 785.

OR email us at

If you’re on Twitter and are talking about the local elecions we’re starting a tag – #ldlocal to keep track of the results.

Alain Dekker says

Any chance I can speak to someone now? Its 17:09 in Farnborough, Rushmoor. I am a LD candidate for the May 2nd election in St Marks.

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