The BNP are planning to stand in almost every constituency at the next General Election.  That means that wherever you are, even if you have never seen any campaign activity from the BNP before, every house will get at least one glossy leaflet from the BNP.  In recent council by-elections their vote is often quite high even when they have done no campaigning at all, and this includes traditional Tory shires as much as inner-city Labour areas.

But don’t panic!  In areas such as Burnley and Oldham we have taken them on and beaten them.  In our shop you can buy our book on how to do it.  We have also now produced some new artwork based on the latest best practice from Liberal Democrats around the country.

You need to assess how much of a threat the BNP is in your area.  If they are actively campaigning then you need to tackle them head on.  But even if this isn’t the case, ALDC’s advice is to make sure you run regular anti-BNP artwork in your leaflets to help keep their vote down and to position us as the alternative.

Download the artwork

BNP artwork pack March 2010 – PDFBNP artwork pack March 2010 – PagePlus

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