Liberal Democrats won three of the nine awards in the LGIU’s first Councillor of the Year Awards.

Alexis Rowell, from Camden, won the Sustainability Councillor of the Year award. He was described by judges as, “a “real terrier”; and noted that he is “someone who won’t let you forget about the climate change agenda. He is a very visible champion of these issues and his local persistence has made him well known in Camden and beyond.”

Alex Folkes from Cornwall, has won the New Councillor of the Year Award with judges saying, “that he was an impressive candidate and had made a clear difference to the council and political group. Alex has been active on scrutiny committees, an assiduous case worker and in such a short time, an effective local campaigner.”

Carla Butler from Lewes, has won the young councillor of the year award with judges saying, describing her as “someone special”, and they were impressed that, “she had achieved so much in the few years that she has been on the council, which includes serving as the youngest elected mayor of Newhaven and Chair of the Council”.

Cllr Richard Kemp, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Local Government has welcomed the news:

“All three of these councillors are young, energetic and thoroughly liberal. I know that other Lib Dems also came close in other categories which were judged by an all Party group of councillors and other local government experts. Our strength in this award ceremony bodes well for the future of both local government and liberal democracy. I hope Lib Dem groups and councils will consider joining LGIU not only because it clearly recognises Lib Dems but because it provides a first call service to councillors”.

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