A new survey by ConservativeHome has show what political priorities the party’s potential new MPs are likely to have.  The survey interviewed 250 candidates from the Conservative party’s most winnable seats.  The results are telling and perhaps show up the dividing line between the two parties more starkly than anything else

Whilst Liberal Democrats might not disagree that “reducing the budget deficit” should be a top priority, it is the items that were placed at the bottom of the list that are the most interesting.  In bottom position with just eight candidates saying it is a top priority is reducing Britain’s carbon footprint – something that would no doubt be near the very top for any Liberal Democrat candidate, and doesn’t say much for Cameron’s greenwash of the Conservative party.  Other issues that languish near the bottom are many that are of interest to Liberal Democrats in local government – affordable housing, schools and better road and rail services.  Again, all areas which the Liberal Democrats would be likely to prioritise. 

Whilst many of the top priorities may be popular with both Liberal Democrats and Conservatives, these are the sorts of issues that are probably popular with supporters of the other parties too.  But areas such as winning powers back from Europe, cutting red tape and strengthening Britain’s military would be much lower down the list for Liberal Democrats.

The main results of the survey are shown below, but you can also read the full story about it on Conservative Home.

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