Over Christmas ALDC has been busy recruiting some volunteer Councillor Columnists, to write in the headline “editorial” section of our website www.aldc.org

There are four online so far: 

Cornwall Councillor Alex Folkes explains why Cornwall is Different.

Peter Black AM talks about the link between Wales and Local Government

Bury Councillor Richard Baum talks of his frustration with some Home Truths on Gritting

and Gateshead Councillor Jonathan Wallace tell us, well, a Day in the Life of Jonathan Wallace

Have a read, and feel free to comment or tell us or the Councillors what you think! – open to all Lib Dem Councillors as well as ALDC members. 

Could you be a Councillor Columnist? If you think you could do better we’d love to hear from you! We’re basically asking for a commitment to write a monthly column about being a Liberal Democrat Councillor (or why not  – a candidate or agent or staff member). All offers welcome, but it would be great to hear from more women councillors, group leaders, executive members, BME councillors political assistants, young councillors, new candidates – anyone with something interesting to say!

Email Anders at anders.hanson@aldc.org or speak to him on 01422 843 785. 



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