All known Liberal Democrat candidates and retiring councillors in London received a bumper mailing this week with information to help them win in 2010. 

Next year’s London elections are a big challenge.  It is likely to be the first time there have been local elections and a general election on the same day – ever!  But there are many places around the country who have considerable experience of winning both councils and parliamentary seats on the same day.  Likewise, recent elections results show that it is possible to buck the trend and keep picking up council seats even in Labour – Conservative marginal parliamentary seats.  So there’s no need to panic.

The recent mailing included tips and goood practice as well as details on ALDC’s services to help you win.  Also enclosed was a copy of London Campaigner with help specially tailored to help campaigners in London.  A PDF copy of London Campaigner can also be downloaded by ALDC members.  Everyone also received a complimentary copy of ALDC’s Winning Elections Volume 1, which you can also buy from the ALDC shop.

If you didn’t receive a copy of this mailing then please make sure you send us details of your candidates for next year’s elections using our online form.

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