Party members will probably already heard about the Party’s new “online networking and campaigning” website – Act

Why not sign up and join our group for all Lib Dem Councillors – ALDC!


Act is a place where Lib Dem supporters can connect with one another, organise events and campaigns, share photos and videos, and talk about politics. It’s open to anyone with Liberal Democrat sympathies, whether they’re Party members or not.

Nick Clegg has recorded a short video explaining what we want to help people to achieve: see the video on Act.  

Once you’ve joined up – click on “groups” – and “join group” when you see ALDC! You can set up your own groups as soon as you are a member. 

There are no doubt many ways that Councillors and local campaigners can interact on Act – let us know if you have ideas and we can give them a go. 

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