An easy way to support ALDC at this time of year  – WITHOUT spending any extra money – is to make use of our Amazon and ITunes links. 

Both of these work in exactly the same way – you have the normal full Amazon and ITunes websites, but for every purchase you make ALDC receives a small fee from Amazon or ITunes – you don’t pay a penny more!

Amazon is a mail order website, one of the biggest in the world. Amazon isn’t just books nowadays, departments include: baby, beauty, mobile phones, clothes, electrics magazines and music.

ITunes is the main source of music downloads in the world – but is also good for films, TV shows, and those “apps” that people have on their IPhones! You can also buy ITunes gift vouchers which can be a great gift for people who listen to music on their IPod or similar!

To buy gifts from Amazon, and support ALDC – click here

To buy gifts from ITunes, and support ALDC – click here




These links are available year round – find them at the bottom of any page on the ALDC website – 

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