1. Apply for a site

You’re already an ALDC member and you’d like a MyCouncillor blog.  The first step is to fill in the application form by clicking here.  Don’t worry about the information you give being set in stone.  You can change almost everything later – with the exception of your council area and ward.

2. Receive your email

Within seconds of you submitting the form, the ALDC team springs into action.  After making the tea, your blog is set up and an email sent giving you all the information you need to get blogging.  The most important pieces of information are:

3. Visit your site

Click on the link in the email to visit your site (or paste the web address into your browser). At the bottom right corner of your new blog is a link “Site Admin”.  Click on it.

4. Log onto the administration panel

Put in your username and password to log into the administration panel.  You should be taken to the Dashboard.

5. Start blogging

Don’t worry about customising your blog right now – lots of time for that later.  Get blogging!  Tell people about something your doing, some interesting local news or perhaps a national Lib Dem story,

6. Tell people about it

Blogging’s much more fun if lots of people come and read your wise words, so tell people. Advertise your blog in emails, Focus leaflets, business cards and more.

Remember: you can get to your blog using several different addresses right from the start, including

  • yourname.mycouncillor.org.uk
  • yourname.4mp.org.uk
  • yourname.focusteam.org.uk

Last updated by Iain Roberts, 17th November 2009.

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