There was one principal council by-election held on the 29th October. The Liberal Democrats held the seat. There was one Parish and Town council election results reported to ALDC, a Tory hold.
In the Huntingdon North Ward of Huntingdonshire District Council they had their third election of the year. The County elections were followed by a town council by-election where we made a gain off the Tories before our sitting district councillor moved.  In a two-member ward the Tories had won well in 2008 and in the by-election we were defending a majority of 19 from 2007. Our strong campaign was matched with a five-leaflet UKIP campaign, which may have taken votes from the Tories. UKIP tried to mobilise resentment in a very deprived ward against East European migrants whilst Labour mobilised them to vote. We ran a proficient campaign holding all others off to increase our majority from 19 to 30.
The 11th of November is the first date on which a death or resignation of a councillor who would otherwise be up for re-election on May 6th 2010 will cease to cause a by-election under the “six month rule”.  To avoid unnecessary by-elections for the last six months of a councillor’s period of office no by-election is normally held if they resign or die. The vacancy is held open until the normal date for the election of that office. This Is not to be confused with the other 6 month rule that relates to the disqualification of any councillor who fails to attends council meetings for 6 months.
The six-month rule applies only when the vacancy is deemed to have occurred within six months. It is not enough that the election has only been triggered within the six months. So an October death, will cause a by-election even though the election may not be triggered until the vacancy is formally notified, which could be later and within six months of the next election. For those who would normally be up for election on May 6th 2010, their term of office would expire on May 10th 2010  (4 days after the election) and therefore resignations, deaths etc that occur after November 10th 2009 will not trigger a by election.

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