UPDATE – Tuesday PM

We are experiencing problems at the tail end of the alphabet (sites that begin with R, S, T etc).

We understand that this is the system taking time to propogate around the internet to its new location. Most sites are unaffected.

Hopefully this will rectify itself over the next couple of hours, and we are monitoring it over the evening.





As some people will have noticed, the myCouncillor system has been closed to editing during the day today (Monday). This has been to allow for a move of the system to another machine at our hosting company.

Apart from a short period this morning the system was completely down, but for most of the day its been working fine, but you can’t edit your sites.

The system has now been copied to its new location and been tested and we are now switching to the new server. This might take an hour of two to filter through, but it should work for everyone early evening.


PLEASE LET US KNOW ANY TECHNICAL PROBLEMS YOU EXPERIENCE – email tim.pickstone@aldc.org – or comment to this post below.


thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience.



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