Just to update members and other Lib Dem Councillors on our busy programme at Liberal Democrat Party conference that finished on Wednesday.

Training saw over over 40 hours from ALDC and our partners. This year the programme was divided into four themes:
winning in 2010, with support from key individuals such as Andrew Stunell and HIlary Stephenson;
Councillors Training, in partnership with our colleagues at the IDeA (and Centre for Public Scrutiny);
Essential Campaign Skills, training for people new to campaigning;
Skills and Ideas, sessions looking at a variety of issues from websites, to issues facing women councillors and recruiting candidates.

The ALDC Fringe programme  kicked off with our Annual General Meeting and Campaigners Awards 2009 presented by Party President Ros Scott. See separate story here. It was great to be able to celebrate the achievements of volunteer campaigners and certainly something to build on in future years.

Both Nick Clegg and Vince Cable joined us at our ALDC Members Reception, again with the kind support of our friends at The Co-Operative. Our policy led fringes saw sessions on Transport (with Greater Manchester ITA; speakers included Norman Baker MP); on campaigning on the Environment (speakers included Simon Hughes MP) and Winning against the Far Right (speakers included Chris Davies MEP).

We hope to be able to publish a “podcast” of the Campaigning on the Environment fringe next week.

For the first time the ALDC stand saw differently themed days. We kicked off with a “Winning in 2010” day highlighting the 877 Lib Dem Councillors who face election next May. On Monday Lib Dem Councillors took part in our interactive wall demonstrating what made them an “Effective Lib Dem Councillor” and on Tuesday we highlighted the success of ALDC’s MyCouncillor website platform.

More details on some of the important issues raised will be available over the coming weeks.

Many thanks for everyone’s support. Photos are avalable here.

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