Levels of Users

There are 3 levels of user that can be assigned to a person using mycouncillor. These are called AreaEditor, Editor, Councillor and Contributor.

When ever a new site is created, a Councillor user is always created for that site.

A Contributor is somebody you allow to make postings to your site (e.g. your local IT officer, or a volunteer or helper you assign this task to. 

A contributor is assigned to a specific site and they can:

·write posts and pages

·edit posts and pages created by themselves

·delete posts and pages created by themselves

·edit their own profile

A Councillor is the site owner. 

Councillors are assigned to a specific site and they can do everything that a Contributor can do plus:

·add and delete Contributors

·add, edit and delete posts and pages written by Contributors

·change the site’s appearance or ‘Theme’

·add, edit and delete ‘Useful Links’

·edit the contact details displayed on the site

·change the councillors photo

·change the banner photo (if the Theme is photo enable)

·change the recipient email for the ‘How You Can Help’ and ‘Report a Problem’ forms

·add, edit and delete Categories that can be applied to Posts

An Editor is responsible for a whole ward. This might be one councillor in the area, or you may want to make all your ward councillors Editors. 

An Editor can do everything a Councillor can do plus:

·add, edit and delete Local Information entries

·write posts and pages for all Councillor sites in that Ward or Area

An AreaEditor is responsible for the whole area. Unless you tell us otherwise, this is ALDC. 

AreaEditors can do everything an Editor can do plus:

·add, edit and delete Editors and Councillors

·write posts and pages for all Areas, Wards and Councillor sites

Last Updated by Tim Pickstone on 3 August 2009

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