We currently offer 13 different layouts or “themes” for the websites. Some of these are in “focus leaflet Orange” and some in Lib Dem ‘Gold’ (yellow), others are in white, black and even green! You can choose which layout or colour scheme you want for your site and change them as often as you like. 

Some of the layouts allow for an additional image in the top right of banner – this could be used for a local picture, pictures of you out campaigning or a ‘bar chart’ squeeze message. 

Either click on Change your site’s look or theme on the dashboard. 

Or click on “presentation”

Here you can choose what your site looks like from the eight different designs currently on offer from ALDC. To select a new look, click on the design you prefer. You can look at how site now looks by clicking on “view my site”. If you’re not happy you can change back!

If you select one of the themes entitled ‘banner image” you will need to upload an image to your site to go along the top. This could be a local scene, campaign pictures of you or a bar chart for third party squeeze. 

The image can be uploaded in the “manage” “aldc” section of the admin site. 

More appearances will be developed over time, please let us know if you have any suggestions. Our web developers are more than happy to design a specific theme for your local council area sites if you wish (e.g. A special look for all the Mid-Suffolk Lib Dem Councillors, perhaps with a local image). There would be a small fee for that, details on request.

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Last Updated by Tim Pickstone on 3 August 2009

If you have any suggestions on how this post could be improved or you want to send us any relevant examples or artwork, or if you find any errors, please email ALDC by clicking here. 

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