Your mycouncillor website comes ready with its own website address. 

This is 

(where “yourname” is the name you have been given by ALDC for your website. Normally this will be your first name and your family name (e.g. If two Liberal Democrat councillors with websites have the same name then we will have to be a little more creative!

Unless you’ve registered a shorter email address (see below) this is the website address your should use if you are advertising your website in FOCUS or on the bottom of your email.

Getting a Shorter Website Name

It’s well worth having your own shorter website name for your website – e.g. – from an external web domain company. This will make it easier for you to advertise the website in writing (e.g. in FOCUS).  

This is not something that ALDC can do for you, but it is really easy to do using any web domain company. 

We’ve used and to register domains. British domains (e.g., or cost around £2.60 a year to register. International domains (.org .com .net cost £8.50 a year).

We would encourage you to use the and the style domains as these help identify you geographically  for Internet Search Engines. We understand that they lead to a higher search engine rating. 

Once you’ve registered a domain name follow the instructions at the company you’ve used to “point” the domain at your my councillor website. 

Please remember this is something you need to do yourself, and isn’t part of the service provided by ALDC.   

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