Following last week’s ‘super-Thursday’ with 89 by-elections on the one day, we are now getting back to normal.  However this week’s one by-election in the Stepping Hill ward of Stockport was an important one for Liberal Democrats.  Not only is it a crucial seat in Mark Hunter’s Cheadle constituency, but the by-election was caused by the tragic death of ALDC stalwart Maggie Clay. 

The by-election saw an intensive campaign from the Conservatives who were desperate to make headway in the ward with an eye to winning the parliamentary seat at the next General Election.  As well as delivering lots of leaflets, the Conservatives also brought in members of the Shadow Cabinet to support their PPC in the campaign.  This came slightly unstuck however when they had to print an apology in their Good Morning leaflet for claiming that our candidate did not live locally, when she was the only one to live in the ward.  Following a very active campaign of our own, promoting the record of the local council and that of Mark Hunter MP, our candidate Wendy Orrell was comfortably returned as the new councillor.

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Anders Hanson
Senior Political Officer

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