It’s now a week to go to the European and Local elections on 4 June 2009.

All of us have European elections – but only some of us have local elections (the English Counties, seven English Unitaries and over 60 local by-elections). 359 Liberal Democrat county Councillors are defending their seats. Most of the Unitaries are new authorities with many existing district and county councillors standing as Lib Dem candidates.

Outside of these areas all of us have been involved in the European Campaign to maximise our vote. After your local commitment to Europe – you might have some extra capacity to help local campaigners elsewhere and make a difference between winning and losing county and unitary divisions and wards.

Lib Dems in Somerset celebrating a 4* Council!

Here are some of the ways you can help: phone canvassing – some local areas are set up on EARS E-Canvass system – to access this you need to go the EARS website to download a small programme. This will only work with your postcode and party membership number. This then allows you to get involved in phone canvassing in places that need it!

Help on the last weekend, eve of poll and on polling day. Have you ever heard of a local party that couldn’t do with some extra help on polling day! If you’re able to give the time why not travel out to a County/Unitary division nearby? There are places with major Lib Dem challenges taking place within easy reach of London and all the major Metropolitan areas with no local elections this year.

Phone Knocking Up – if you can’t make it over you could still be a great help by helping with telephone knocking up in a keenly fought Lib Dem division or ward.

ALDC will put you in touch with local campaigners who need your help – email us or phone 01422 843 785.

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