National body for youth leadershipA unique opportunity has arisen for your council to be involved in a very special youth shadowing scheme. The National Body for Youth Leadership has been given funding to providing  opportunities for young people to shadow councillors from their community.


The scheme, which will provide funding towards admin, transport and support will match young people with a number of councillors in your patch to get a feel for the role, ask questions and engage with democracy. This would be a great opportunity for you to reach out to your local youth council, community group or estate and encourage young people to participate with the full knowledge that there is support for them throughout the process from the NBYL.


The NYBL is looking for some authorities to act as pilots (over June and early July) as well as those interested in the full scheme later in the year.  If you have questions you can ask Cllr Laura Willoughby ( – 07968 708703) or contact the NBYL direct – Zoë Cumberland, Policy and Programmes Assistant, British Youth Council  0845 458 1489

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