Nicks Million Doors

There has been a brilliant response to Nick Clegg’s “Million Door Challenge” for local activists to be spending more time talking to local people and to local voters. We’ve been hearing some excellent stories from up and down the country – and regions and counties have been setting their own local targets and competitions. 

 If you’ve not started yet – the materials can be downloaded from ALDC’s Online Goldmine (for ALDC Gold Members) or from the Party’s Extranet. 

Now the Party needs an update on how many doors you’ve knocked on, so we can monitor when we meet the challenge! Email your numbers – no matter how small or large to

If you have any interesting stories about how the Million Door Challenge has helped your local Party we’d be interested in hearing from you for “Campaigner” magazine. Similarly, both ALDC and the Campaigns Department are always on the look out for good local examples of campaigns, particularly at present single issue campaigns (saving or delivering on a local service or facility). Email

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