The LGA Liberal Democrat Group have called for nominations for the Liberal Democrat Council Group of the Year Awards 2009. 

The awards, which will be presented at Liberal Democrat Spring Conference will include: 

* Council Group of the Year
* Green Council Group of the Year
* Backbencher of the Year
* Vice-Presidents Award***
* London Councils Award – a special award supported by London Councils – separate information available elsewhere.  

***(a special award for a group of particular mention, perhaps a group that is fiesty or operating in difficult circumstances). 

How to Enter
You will need to submit a detailed note setting out what your group or member has done to qualify for each award. This should be no more than 4 sides of A4, and may be accompanied by up to three attachments, but not totalling more than 6 sides of A4. Forms must be signed by the Group Leader. 

For more information or to apply please contact or phone 020 7664 3235

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