It’s nearly that time of year when we will need to think about buying festive presents for our loved ones. We’ve got two ideas where you can shop for Christmas gifts and raise money for ALDC!

Saving money is probably on most people’s minds this year, and websites like Amazon can provide great savings – nowadays it’s not just their vast selection of books, CDs and videos, but also electrical goods, toys and clothing.

For people who’ve moved fully into the “digital age” – ITunes is the most popular site where you can buy music (and now videos and films) for your iPod or MP3 player, or computer.

If you don’t know the exact tastes of people you’re buying for, both ITunes and Amazon also sell gift vouchers – for as little £10.

Buying from Amazon and ITunes by following the following special links doesn’t cost you a penny more than normal, but for each £1 spent ALDC receives a small donation. That way we’re all happy!

Click on these links, or click on the Amazon or ITunes links at the bottom of the ALDC website.

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