Where we work we win!

There were four principal council elections held on the 27th November. The Lib Dems gained one seat from the Tories and lost one to the Tories, and held one seat, the Tories also gained one from Labour. There were four Town Council results reported to ALDC the Lib Dems gained one from the Tories in George Osborne’s Seat.


In the four principle by-elections, the Lib Dems gained a seat off the Tories in the Hardwick division of Cambridgeshire CC. 

This was a hard fought campaign by both the Tories and the Lib Dems, with lots of leaflets and letters from both sides. The telephone was not left out with the Lib Dems using it in a targeted way and the Tories doing their usual mass telephoning.

The local Lib Dem team knocked on every door and achieved around a 50% canvass. Newly elected Fiona Whelan was another user of the mycouncillor website in her election campaign, see it at: http://fionawhelan.mycouncillor.org.uk/

After a hard fought campaign the local team achieved a fantastic result in taking the seat from the Tories with a 14.5% swing to the Lib Dems.


In the Devon CC Exminster & Kenton ward another hard fought campaign resulted in the Lib Dems retaining the seat with a 12.1% swing. This ward is in the new seat of Central Devon.


In the Teignbridge DC ward of Kenn Valley we lost a seat to the Tories, after a vigorous campaign resulted in a swing of 15.3% away from the Lib Dems, this result came down to the Tories working extremely hard in the ward since the last election and the Lib Dems only doing minimal. Remember what we say, Where we work we win!


In the final principle election in the Birchills & Leamore ward of Walsall MBC, we had a paperless candidate who achieved a respectable 4.1% vote share.


In the Knutsford TC Bexton ward we took the seat in the centre of George Osborne’s constituency, this was the first win in the Knutsford area for six years.

This result was following on from a by-election on the 9th October, the local team just carried on from that campaign into this one and reaped the benefits resulting in the Conservatives losing a seat in the heart of their MP’s constituency.         

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