Found something interesting on the internet? Now you can easily share it with other Liberal Democrats with the new site.

It uses the Liberal Democrats Account (LDA) system, so you don’t need to register a new username or remember a different password. You can either post up content you have seen, or vote on content that other people have posted up; either way it’s a way of saying, “I found this interesting. I think you’ll find it interesting too.”  

It only lets Liberal Democrat members post content or vote on content which is up there. Like many other party services, LibDig uses the Liberal Democrats Account (LDA) system, so if you have an LDA username and password, you can start using the site straight away without having to go through a new registration process or having to remember a new username and password. If you can’t remember your LDA username or password, you can sort this with the options in the left-hand menu on

LibDig also comes with a “bookmarklet”. This is a shortcut you can add to your web browser’s favourites menu so that if you come across something interesting on the internet that you would like to share, all you need do is select this shortcut from your favourites menu. It makes the whole process very quick and easy. You can get the bookmarklet from On the site itself, you can see the most popular items posted to it, those which are recently gaining in popularity (“upcoming”) and vote (“dig”) to make an item more popular. There is also now a shortcut to the site in the party’s free web browser toolbar, which you can get from

The site has been produced by Ryan Cullen, a party member who has created a string of tools that have been very popular within the party, including most notably Liberal Democrat Blogs ( – thank you Ryan!

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