Parliament has now approved the Statutory Instrument which moves the date of the 2009 local elections to 4 June 2009.

There are some additional points to note:
– The by-election cut-off date remains at 7 November 2008 for seats fought next June (ie a vacancy occurring in a division that will elect on 4 June 2009 that occurs after 7 November 2008 will not result in a by-election).

– Cornwall’s elections have been postponed until October 2009. There will be no Mayoral election in Stoke-on-Trent following the referendum which has abandoned the directly elected Mayorality.
– The Government will be bringing further recommendations regarding potential unitaries in Devon and Lowestoft in December 2008, it will then consider whether this has any impact on the 2009 elections in these areas.
– The European Elections will be counted on a Local Authority basis, not Parliamentary Constituency basis.  That includes the issuing of PVs within that area.

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