If your Lib Dem Group finds themselves in a “changed circumstance” after Thursday’s local elections, then help is at hand!


A changed circumstance could be moving to control, opposition, NOC, or a significant shift in the balance of NOC, or a major change like a much smaller or larger group or new leadership. 


Please remember there is no need to make a rushed decision in NOC. Often it is a very good idea to chat things through with someone from outside your area FIRST.


If you need urgent help over the weekend then we have staff on standby to help you, or we can put you in touch with some of the local government support agencies who can help. Over the weekend please email us (tim.pickstone@aldc.org) and one of our staff will ring you back. 


On Sunday 4 May 2008 we have a Changed Circumstances event at Manchester Town Hall. This is 10.30am – 3.00pm in Committee Rooms 2 and 3. The event has been organised by the Leadership Centre for Local Government, together with ALDC and the IDeA. Its free to attend, and please bring as many of your group as needed. If you’re attending “en masse” please let us know so we can plan logistics!. Tea and coffee provided, but not lunch so please pick up a sandwich/etc on you’re way there. 

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