In what is easily our most important parliamentary by-election this parliament, Mike Thornton and the Lib Dem team in Eastleigh are working hard to fight off the Tories and make sure Eastleigh residents are still represented at Westminster by a hard-working Lib Dem MP. 

There are plenty of ways to get involved:


The Eastleigh team will help arrange acommodation and there is no substitute for boots on the ground at any by-election. Whether delivering leaflets or knocking on doors, your help could make all the difference. You can sign up for volunteer duties via the Eastleigh website.


With Connect, any Liberal Democrat in the country can get on the phone and make some calls. The Eastleigh Lib Dem site has the current Virtual Phone Bank (VPB) code, but make sure you check back before each session. 


This is an intense and quick campaign, and we are looking to capitalise on our strong local base and committed volunteer force. We also need the resources to make the most of these two big advantages. Please use the Eastleigh Lib Dem page to donate an amount, no matter how small – every penny gets us one step closer to a famous victory!

All of this information is available, and regularly updated, on the Eastleigh Lib Dems website. Check back often and get involved!

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