Taking part is easy

To take part, you simply log-in to a special online portal where we provide live training and where you can ask or send through questions. All you need to take part is a computer and internet connection.

Short free sessions

These short sessions are free, last no longer than 45 minutes and are held at a range of times during different days of the week. They are for ALDC members only.

Upcoming dates:

  • Monday 17 June – Winning the Postal Vote – Register here 
  • Monday 22 July – Canvassing with Connect 
  • Tuesday 3 September – Being and Effective Councillor 
  • Monday 21 October – Building Your Brand 
  • Monday 18 November – Direct Mail 

An overview of the sessions:

  • Winning the Postal Vote: With postal voters far more likely to vote than not, they are a crucial demographic that we should never overlook. This webinar will talk about the idea of there actually being two polling days and how we can maximise our benefit from this. We will talk about the importance of having as many of our supporters as possible on postal votes and how we can recruit people to postal votes. Winning the postal vote is an efficient way to campaign, utilising our campaigning skills and data to make us an effective campaigning force.