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To take part, you simply log-in to a special online portal where we provide live training and where you can ask or send through questions. All you need to take part is a computer and internet connection.

Short free sessions

These short sessions are free, last about 45 minutes and are held at two different times – lunchtime and tea time. They are for ALDC members only.

An overview of the sessions:

Canvassing with Connect

Connect continues to be our most powerful campaigning tool. As both our database of electors and where we store the data that we collect, it is vital to successful campaigning. This webinar will go through the basics of using Connect and will also show how it fits into a wider campaign to make sure you can make the most of the system.

Dealing with Casework

Casework forms a huge part of a Councillor’s workload. In different areas, the type of casework will vary as particular local issues come up. However, there are basic principles in the way that we approach casework that can help us to be both effective and efficient. This webinar will cover the way that we receive and record casework and then how we process it. Having a robust system in place allows us to track progress as well as seeing how issues have developed over time.

The webinar will also look at how we report back to residents. This is a crucial part of casework and shouldn’t be overlooked – in order the get the credit for our hard work, we need to make sure that people know what we have done. Here, we will look at opportunities not only to feed  back to individual residents who have raised an issue but also to a wider group of people who are also affected. This can be a useful tool in developing local campaigns and engaging with more of our residents.

This session will be delivered by Cllr. Tim Pickstone, CEO of ALDC, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Bury Council and now in his 19th consecutive year as a Councillor.

Building your brand

As well as our party allegiance, what else are we making public when we stand in an election? To understand this, we need to think about how we appear to the electorate. We are putting ourselves in front of them: our skills and experience, our concerns, campaigning interests and our quirks – the things that set us apart from the other parties’ candidates and make us the best possible choice to represent an area and its residents.

Building your brand is about understanding the balance between the ‘political’ you and your ‘human’ side. A good candidate can understand both and knows which persona suits certain situations. The webinar will also look at how you can decide on three key aspects of your experience, interests and abilities and make sure that they stay in the minds of voters. This webinar will help you plan out both your literature and door-knocking approach and give key insights into how you can become the centre of your campaign.

Direct mail

We all know that a conversation on the doorstep is the best political tool we have, however, there will always be people that you struggle to contact. This is one of the reasons that direct mailing is so effective. Long recognised by businesses as a simple and effective way of targeting customers, it also gives us as campaigners a way to target specific messages to individuals as well as highlighting our work and asking for feedback. We will look at both the theoretical and practical aspects of good direct mail campaigns and highlight how they can be both effective and efficient – the perfect balance for any use of resources.