Our one-day bespoke training events have been designed to help upskill party members – half of whom have joined since 2015, and to counter the skills lost when older activists have retired.

At present, many people fighting elections have little experience, lack basic campaigning skills and knowledge of Lib Dem technical systems. Smaller scale training delivered locally in response to identified needs is vital to improving skills on the ground.

Motivate Training Days are usually held on a Saturday, organised by a local party, but open to a wider area (such as a county).

The organisers can tailor the day’s sessions to ensure their needs are met and should include training strands for new and more experienced members. We provide the trainer/s, material and cover our own travel costs. The organisers are responsible for the venue, refreshments and local promotion. It is the local team’s discretion if they want to charge to cover the event’s costs (but it shouldn’t be designed as a profit-making event).

Upcoming 2019 dates