Technical training days

We provide training to use Connect (half-day), MyCouncillor and PagePlus (full-day). Training is delivered in small groups and requires participants to have access to a laptop or desktop computer and for there to be excellent Wi-Fi or broadband. Events are normally organised on a regional or county basis.

Group away-days

We can mentor and facilitate group away-days. The content will be agreed with the group and they’re responsible for arranging the venue/refreshments. Groups in group membership are entitled to an annual event free. For groups, not in membership there is a standard charge.

Be a Councillor

In partnership with the LGA (Local Government Association) Lib Dem team, we run events for people interested in being councillors. They cover approval and selection procedures and on increasing diversity amongst our candidates and councillors. –

Please get in touch if you want to discuss any of the above training opportunities.