G8 is a grant scheme supported by funds from the Federal, English, Scottish and Welsh Liberal Democrats. It’s managed by the G8 committee, which consists of one representative from the Federal, Scottish, Welsh, ALDC and three from the English party. The party president appoints the chair and we serve the committee.

Kickstart subsidy

G8 funding is used to reduce the price of the first 125 places at each Kickstart Weekend. In recent years, it has also been used to fully fund the Future Leaders programme.


2019 promises to be a huge set of elections for Liberal Democrats – with nearly 9,000 vacancies – this could be a real opportunity to build on last year’s gains. The G8 Committee has finished making grants for the 2019 local elections. It funded squeeze letters, postal vote recruitment mailings and postal voter letters which were posted in February and March.

ALDC Local Election Appeal fund

Our 2019 appeal is now live.

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The appeal criteria are set by the ALDC management committee with day-to-day management delegated to the Chief Executive. The fund spends whatever’s been donated. The 2018 appeal raised £8,706 to spend on direct mail to postal voters in 34 battleground wards, helping 58 seats, of which 36 people won.

ALDC Fighting Fund

Our Fighting Fund is made up entirely of individual donations. Find out more about making a donation and the difference your donation can make. The ALDC Management Committee set the criteria for Fighting Fund grants with day-to-day management delegated to the Chief Executive. The fund spends what has been donated and grants can be made when money is available.  

Local by-election fast track grant

The grant can be requested if you have a by-election in a marginal ward that you stand a genuine chance of winning, or is a realistic ward to gain within the next council cycle. Criteria:

  • Person making application is a member of ALDC
  • The candidate must be a member of ALDC
  • By-election grants will be made following the submission of a plan
  • Town and Parish council candidates are only eligible if standing as a Liberal Democrat
  • Maximum grant is 50% of the election expenses limit

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Start-up grants

We provide advice, training and a small start-up grant to help a new team starting out to get going. This is available to council areas or local parties with less than two Lib Dem councillors at present and amount to £200.

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