G8 is a grant scheme supported by funds from the Federal, English, Scottish and Welsh Liberal Democrats. It’s managed by the G8 committee, which consists of one representative from the Federal, Scottish, Welsh, ALDC and three from the English party. The party president appoints the chair and we serve the committee.

> Grants

In 2020 we are supporting:

  • Direct Mail – Helping Liberal Democrats win more wards and divisions in local elections – Closing Date Mon 9 November 2020
  • Tabloids – Helping Liberal Democrats win in County Council elections (and County areas with District elections) – Closing date Mon 26 October 2020 

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In 2019, the G8 Committee provided grants for the successful local elections. We funded squeeze letters, postal vote recruitment mailings and postal voter letters, timed to with arrive with voters before the formal start of the election campaign at the end of March.

> Strategic Grants

There are a small number of cash grants available.

> Kickstart Subsidy

G8 funding is used to reduce the price of the first 125 places at each Kickstart Weekend. In recent years, it has also been used to fund the Future Leaders programme.  In 2020 we are running Kickstart Online (28-29 November 2020) which will be free of charge. 

ALDC Local Election Appeal

Our 2020 Appeal is closed at present.  

The 2019 appeal:

  • Raised over £13,000 entirely from generous donations by members and supporters.
  • Paid for 25,000 pieces of direct mail to be delivered by Royal Mail to postal voters in key target wards in every English region.
  • Supported 91 candidates across 54 target marginal wards, including 72 new councillors.

ALDC Fighting Fund Grant

Our Fighting Fund is made up entirely of individual donations. Find out more about making a donation and the difference they make.

There are two types of Fighting Fund grant:

  • By-election fast track grant: if you have a local by-election that we stand a realistic chance of winning, or
  • Start-up grant: designed for council wards we are targeting to gain during the current electoral cycle, in a local party/council area with two or fewer councillors.

By-election fast track criteria:

  • The person making an application is a member of ALDC
  • The candidate must be a member of ALDC
  • Grants will be made following the submission of a plan
  • Town and parish council candidates are only eligible if standing as a Liberal Democrat
  • The maximum grant is 50% of the election expenses limit

Start-up grant criteria:

  • The person making an application is a member of ALDC
  • Grants will be made following the submission of a plan
  • Town and Parish council candidates are only eligible if standing as a Liberal Democrat
  • The maximum grant is £200
  • There must be 2 or fewer Councillors in the Council Area or Local Party Area


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The ALDC Management Committee set the criteria for Fighting Fund grants with day-to-day management delegated to the Chief Executive. The fund spends whatever’s been donated and grants can be made when money is available.

Cllrs Hayleigh Gascoigne and Sarah Medley

Vale of White Horse District Council

“We were both elected for the first time in 2019. We benefited from Local Election Appeal funding in the form of an additional item of direct mail to key postal voters in our ward. Vale of White Horse District Council was formerly Conservative-run, with only 9 Lib Dems out of 38 councillors. The local elections in May 2019 turned this around completely, there are now 30 Lib Dem councillors out of 38! We won all our target seats and then some more, even one of our paper candidates won!”

Cllr Lisa Spivey


Cotswold District Council

“Without the financial support from ALDC’s Local Election Appeal, we would never have won a big rural ward like mine. The additional direct mail from ALDC played a huge part in our success in taking control of the District Council in for the first time ever!”


Cllr Hannah Kitching

Lib Dem Group Leader Barnsley MBC

“Before 2018 we had no representation at all in Barnsley but we are now the second-biggest party, with four councillors and we’re working hard to win more next year. Our team could not have done this without the advice and support of ALDC – we’ve been to Kickstart twice and we’ve also benefited from Fighting Fund grants.”


Cllr Robert Hopkins

City and County of Cardiff

“When an unexpected by-election came up in Cardiff last summer, we know we needed to raise money fast. Within 24 hours of submitting our draft budget and campaign plan to ALDC, a cheque was in the post and we were able to spend more time campaigning and less time raising money. We held the ward with a huge majority – thank you ALDC!”