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PagePlus 11 download

Tuesday, 2nd February, 2010

NOTE: Although this offer is still available, this software is gradually being replaced with PagePlus X4.  You can now purchase PagePlus X4 using a special Lib Dem Offer. 

Although all files in PagePlus 11 can be opened in PagePlus X4, the same is not true the other way round.  All ALDC templates will continue to be produced in PagePlus 11 until the 2011 Local Elections, after which when we then expect to change to X4 along with the wider party.

PagePlus 11 – the desktop publishing software used by Liberal Democrat campaigners – is now available to download from the Serif website.

Previously, the software was available to purchase on disk only via the ALDC shop, however Serif have now discontinued the physical disks.  Instead, Serif have agreed with ALDC and the Campaigns Department an exclusive offer where Liberal Democrat campaigners can now download the software instead.

To purchase and download the software, go to: Liberal Democrat PagePlus download offer
(note that this link automatically includes both PagePlus 11 and PagePlus X4 in your shopping basket, please be careful not to purchase both)

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