We’ve already had success

To achieve the Liberal Britain we all believe in, we need to grow again, and grow from the bottom up and you can help us achieve this. 2016 was our most successful year ever for by-elections and ALDC helped ensure we made 32 net gains – but we need more hard working Liberal Democrats campaigning in more places across the country and more Lib Dem councillors elected.

We need your help to make a difference through the ALDC Fighting Fund in our 50th year. Will you help us reach our target by donating to our appeal?

£50,000 in the Fighting Fund will help us to continue our tradition of helping all Lib Dem campaigners. Our aim is to repeat last year’s record gains in by-elections every year and to see a reduction in Lib Dem black-holes – which currently stand at 133 councils across England, Scotland and Wales. Your generous donations will help our party grow again.


Donate now and receive something special in return:

  • £5 a month – You’ll receive a special commemorative badge
  • £10 a month – You’ll get a badge and your name in our anniversary book: ALDC 50 Years of Community Campaigning
  • £50 a month – You’ll get a badge, a copy of – and your name in – our book and free entry to one Kickstart a year


Your donations will fund:

Local by-election fast track grants

This grant is for by-elections in marginal wards that we stand a genuine chance of winning, or is a realistic ward to gain within the next council cycle.

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Start-up grants

This grant is for people starting out by providing advice, training and a small ‘start-up’ grant to help a new team get going. This is available to council areas or local parties with less than two Lib Dem councillors at present.

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