Avoiding Libel

When you’re part of the campaigns world, and especially when you have a clear opponent, ‘libel’ is one of those words that can get thrown about. That risk underplaying how important it is however and how we do have to be careful to make our points, and fair criticisms, without straying over the line.

To reflect how important this topic is, ALDC have teamed up with Goodman Derrik LLP, one of the leading commercial law firms in the country, to deliver specifically on ‘Avoiding Libel’. These will be held on Friday 24 July at 12:30 and 17:00.

This is a rare opportunity to listen to experts in the field explain exactly what the law says and how it impacts on us – without the myths and misunderstandings that can spring up around libel. Every campaigner should take the opportunity to attend one of these sessions.

You can can see further details, and book a place, by following this link.

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