ALDC Online Training and Events

In the coming week we’re continuing to offer more training sessions on a wide range of subjects. Improve your Connect and Affinity Publisher skills, learn more about marked registers and social media! As well as hear from Tim Farron MP in the next instalment of Question Time next Tuesday at 5pm!

  • Fri 29 May: Entering Marked Registers BOOK HERE
  • Mon 1 June: Connect 1: IntroBOOK HERE
  • Wed 3 June: Connect 2: BasicsBOOK HERE
  • Fri 5 June: Connect 3: AdvancedBOOK HERE
  • Mon 8 June: Introduction to Affinity PublisherBOOK HERE
  • Tue 9 Jun: Question Time with Tim Farron MPBOOK HERE
  • Tue 9 June: STV Council By-ElectionsBOOK HERE
  • Wed 10 June: Social Media with Mark PackBOOK HERE

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