ALDC Members Question Time

Join ALDC members across the country to ask your questions and hear from
Liberal Democrat parliamentarians and community leaders!

Beginning April 28th ALDC is offering weekly Q&A sessions with Liberal Democrat parliamentarians, councillors and community leaders from across the country. Every week ALDC chief executive Tim Pickstone will be joined by a community leader to ask your questions and hear their take on the ongoing crisis as well as the upcoming 2021 Local Elections. Join us every week and hear from the country’s leading Liberal Democrat voices! 

ALDC Question Time is free and open to all ALDC members! To receive your invitation link, please register below! 

Question Time Sessions:

Mike Childs – Head of Science, Policy & Research at Friends of the Earth, Tuesday 19th May 5pm 

‘How to make the recovery green?’ – BOOK NOW! 

Baroness Sal Brinton –  Former President of the Liberal Democrats, Tuesday 26th May 5pm 

‘Covid 19 – What’s next?’ – BOOK NOW!

Tim Farron MP, Former Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tuesday 2nd May 5pm – BOOK NOW! 

Free for ALDC members.
Use the link sent to you in the confirmation email to access the online portal where we provide live training. All you need to take part is a computer and internet connection.

Any other questions?

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