Resources: Three leaflet print deal (Sign up by Thursday 5 March)

Our popular Three Leaflet Deal is back for it’s fifth year. It’s your chance to get three election leaflets at a great price.

What do you get?
Three high quality printed leaflets at bulk buy prices so you can afford them in election expenses. ALDC provide the templates and our colleagues at Election Workshop provide the printing.

How does it work?
You get three differently shaped full colour leaflets to deliver in your area during the weeks before polling day. 

Find out more below and sign up here. We have extended the deadline to the 5th March.

Remember that Election Workshop also provides Blue and Cream envelopes, leaflets, calling cards, correx, posters and more to help your team win in May.

To find out more about printing and bulk buys you can call – Charles Glover,
Election Workshop, 0161 272 6216.


How much will I need to spend

It should mean that the colour leaflets take up around 40% of your election expenses, leaving around 60% for other campaigning.

Here is a full price list:

All of our Three Leaflet Deal material is high quality leaflet paper. 130gsm coated paper, not cheaper lightweight leaflet paper.

The first of the three leaflets is intended to be delivered before election expenses, so you don’t have to include the cost in your expenses return. The second leaflet (A3) when postal votes land, and the third (A4) for the final weekend.
(1)    The flying start is 494 x 230mm flat, folded in thirds to 165 x 230mm portrait.
(2)    A3 Z folded in thirds.
(3)    A4 folded in half.
If you prefer an A3 to replace (1) we can substitute it for no additional cost.

Deadlines Sign up here by Thursday 5th March.

Flying start leaflet:
Print deadline: 9am Friday 6th March. Delivered by Wednesday 18th March.

A3 map leaflet:
Print deadline: 9am Monday 23rd March. Delivered by Wednesday 1st April.

A4 candidate leaflet:
Print deadline: 9am Monday 13th April. Delivered by Wednesday 22nd April.

Note: If wards are concerned about the dates for their local campaigns (because postal votes are at different times for instance) then they should get in contact at and we will sort something out for them – and try to make sure they still benefit from the reduced three leaflet prices.

Copy and photo deadlines
If you are taking advantage of our design service then you will need to send us your copy and photos four days before the deadlines above. To hit the deadlines they will need changes and sign off from you within 24hrs of being sent the designed leaflet. So:

Flying start leaflet:
Copy and photo deadline: 9am Tuesday 3rd March. Delivered by Wednesday 18th March.

A3 map leaflet:
Copy and photo deadline: 9am Thursday 19th March. Delivered by Wednesday 1st April.

A4 candidate leaflet:
Copy and print deadline: 9am Thursday 9th April. Delivered by Wednesday 22nd April.  


  • 2020 Flying start full-colour – leaflet 1 – PagePlus and PDF
  • 2020 A3 Focus full-colour – leaflet 2 – PagePlus and PDF
  • 2020 A4 Focus full-colour – leaflet 3 – PagePlus and PDF

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