General Election: Freepost offer

None of us know the date of a UK General Election, but we do know it is on the way. 

One of the ways ALDC will be contributing to the Party’s success is supporting non-target seats with their General Election ‘Freepost’ Election Communications. Please note that if you are a target parliamentary seat (and you will know if you are!), then the Party’s Campaigns and Elections team will be providing this support to you. 

In a General Election, Royal Mail will deliver a piece of election literature to every voter from each candidate. The delivery is free, so often this is referred to as the ‘Freepost’. However the printing and production of the literature is not free and will form a very large part of your expenditure in the General Election. There are strict rules about what literature the Royal Mail will deliver, and how it is presented to the Royal Mail. 

ALDC is here to help you deliver a high quality ‘Freepost’ mailing in the General Election:

– Providing templates, which will can be easily localised using the online ALDC Artworker system.

– Providing help and advice, on the phone, to help you get this right. 

– Setting up a printer deal, with Election Workshop, to deliver this literature in a cost effective way. 

– Offering, with Election Workshop, a ‘Full Service’ option which means that they will deal with the Royal Mail for you including compliance, sign off, organisation of delivery slots, fulfilment and advice to candidates and agents, and you can get out campaigning! 

We need to offer a limited number of options to make this feasible, this might not suit everyone, but obviously you don’t have to use the ALDC service.

Option 1 – Un-Addressed
A six page leaflet to every house in the constituency. This is the simplest option and will suit many areas. 
Printing £31 per 1,000 leaflets (A constituency in England typically has 40,000 houses in).  
Bundling, labelling and presentation to Royal Mail specifications £3 per 1,000 leaflets
Full advice and fulfilment service £125
Delivery (timed pallet to Royal Mail) £70

Example 40,000 door constituency will be:

40@£34 + £125 + £70 = £1,555 (cheaper than the 2017 General Election).

Option 2 – Addressed
A colour single side letter, with colour double sided insert, in an envelope, to postal voting houses (i.e. to the first person in a postal voting house), timed to arrive before the postal votes arrive. 
The same six page leaflet as above, but addressed to non-postal voting houses (i.e. to the first person in the non-postal voting house), timed to arrive before polling day. 

With addressed you have a lot more options. So it could be that you use addressed to specifically target your delivery to your target wards for local elections. Other people might like to target a key group of voters, e.g. the ‘Leans Remain’ group of voters in Connect. By targeting you can make addressed cheaper than unaddressed. 

Leaflet:130gsm coated paper (the paper is very good and the same as used in the three leaflet deal).163x230mm folded size (491x230mm flat size)

Letter:Either 100gsm or 120gsm uncoated single sided colour letter (depending on the print runs, the smaller print runs being 120gsm and the larger 100gsm.90gsm envelope

All our envelopes are FSC.All of the paper used in the Election Communication bulk buy is FSC.

Printing: £100 plus £0.08p per letter, £43 per 1,000 addressed leaflets
Bundling, labelling and presentation to Royal Mail specifications £3 per 1,000 leaflets
Full advice and fulfilment service £125
Delivery (timed pallet to Royal Mail) £70

Example 40,000 door constituency: with 15,000 letters and 30,000 doors without letters will be:
Letters £100 + 15,000@8p + £70 = £1,370
Addressed leaflets: 30@£46 + £70 = £1,450
Full service £125
Total £2,945

Important things to note
You cannot mix unaddressed and addressed, Royal Mail won’t allow it. 
Printing and production capacity in a General Election will be limited so we will have a finite capacity to produce the addressed option. 

We will be producing some different artwork options, specifically: 

– Wales and Scotland options, which reflect the political reality and messaging in these countries. 

– A London option

– Some different choices for seats in England – in particular a choice between wanting to lead on ’Stop Brexit’ and leading more on ’non-Brexit’ issues. 

What do you need to do now? 
In two weeks time (or earlier if we need to) we will be making this whole operation live in good time for a General Election later this year. I will be in touch at that time with details about how to order and edit your literature. 

What you need to do now is: 

– Decide locally what you want to do. How much money can you spend on the General Election and what is a realistic and sensible thing to do. Remember all of us outside of target seats will need to be spending a lot of our effort IN target seats, getting Lib Dem MPs elected, so we need to be pragmatic about what is achievable in our local areas. 

– Make sure you have some good photos of your candidate! Good photos will really make your leaflet ’sing’ so don’t leave it to the last minute to take good photos.

A good starting point is – a strong front cover picture (landscape), a good ‘local candidate’ picture inside (landscape). There is space inside the template for smaller pictures to accompany policy snippets on economy, education/heath and climate change – however we will also provide good national pictures (e.g. of Jo) to go here if you prefer). 

ALDC will be open Monday to Friday to answer your queries on this (0161 212 1012) or if you prefer to do this via email you can do this to

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