Building your brand 

As well as our party allegiance, what else are we making public when we stand in an election? To understand this, we need to think about how we appear to the electorate. We are putting ourselves in front of them: our skills and experience, our concerns, campaigning interests and our quirks – the things that set us apart from the other parties’ candidates and make us the best possible choice to represent an area and its residents.

Building your brand is about understanding the balance between the ‘political’ you and your ‘human’ side. A good candidate can understand both and knows which persona suits certain situations. The webinar will also look at how you can decide on three key aspects of your experience, interests and abilities and make sure that they stay in the minds of voters. This webinar will help you plan out both your literature and door-knocking approach and give key insights into how you can become the centre of your campaign.  

The session is for ALDC members-only, free and it will last for about 45 minutes.

It will be held at two times: 12.30pm and 5pm.

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