WEBINAR: Winning the postal vote, Monday 17 June

With postal voters far more likely to vote than not, they are a crucial demographic that we should never overlook. This webinar will talk about the idea of there actually being two polling days and how we can maximise our benefit from this. We will talk about the importance of having as many of our supporters as possible on postal votes and how we can recruit people to postal votes. Winning the postal vote is an efficient way to campaign, utilising our campaigning skills and data to make us an effective campaigning force.

The webinar will look at:

  • Why postal voters are important
  • How we recruit postal voters
  • Targeting postal voters
  • Running an effective postal vote polling day

The webinar is free and for members only. It will take place on Monday 17 July at 12:30 and again at 17:00.

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